Here’s a list of Twin Cities produced podcasts. Get to listening

Apropos of Nothing
Better Strangers
Birdchick podcast
Brains On!
Brandi and Bill talk about Blaxploitation
Buzzed Words
Cocktails and Cribbage
Cold Read
Composer Quest
Counter Stories
ComedySportz Twin Cities podcast
Curious North
Donut Friday
Double Bill
Fancy Pants Gangster network
Geek Girls Guide
The Geek Life
Geeks without God
Go Fork Yourself
The High Five Guys
Home Dunk
Horror Show Hotdog
How could this show be bad?
The Huxtable Proxy
I Love to Tell the Story
The Interpreters
Light Grey Podcast
Locust Lecture
Magic the Amateuring
Music Lab Nights
Mustache Rangers
Next at Bat
Pedal Hub
Pop Till We Drop
Pratfalls of Parenting
A Reel Education
Regret Labs
Remakers Mark
The Scope
Screw It!
Sermon Brainwave
Twin Cities Song Story
TC Theater Connection
This is Yay!
Totes Recall
U of MN Bookstores Podcast
The Voice Behind
The Wayne Gale Variety Hour
Weekly Planner
The Well-Fed Guide to Life
What’s So Funny?
Wrong about everything
Xanadu Cinema Pleasure Dome

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